Hi! We are lanark
Digital Supply Chain Engineers

What we do

Our Digital Supply Chain Engineers develop and continuously re-engineer the supply chains of the future. Digital is what drives us in our work towards a fully integrated, smart network of digitised supply chains.




We perform an objective multi-dimension analysis to identify supply chain opportunities.
This uncovers unknown potential and opportunities.
Making this potential insightful for every level of a company’s organization is what we aim for and lay the foundation for an end-to-end integrated supply chain.




We identify and help you implement tailored solutions for your supply chain challenges.
Technology independent with a broad experience, we are not limited in developing for all needs and situations.
Transformed processes and lasting change in supply chain is always the basis for our added value.




We think beyond the standard project life cycle and set up strong partnerships with our clients, ranging from ongoing knowledge sharing to running dedicated operational services.
This close contact helps us identify new technologies to further improve our clients supply chain.
Supply chains are never finished and need constant maintenance.

Our mission

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    We inspire companies to develop their full potential through supply chain optimization. We aim for turning traditional cost centres into profit drivers by bridging operations and IT, navigating exciting new technological possibilities.

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    Technology shows its value best when it makes processes visual, easier to understand and more efficient. It allows to make smarter decisions by fully realising your position in the broader supply network. Lanark re-engineers and upgrades its partners’ supply chains with smart technologies, delivering end-to-end visibility and solutions.

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    Lanark makes a difference because our professionals truly understand the challenges of different industries. Through internal and external dialogue, we distil what a company truly needs to successfully innovate and transform their processes. This co-creation empowers us to keep learning from real projects and build expertise and skill. We know what really works and what is only theory. This is how we develop Digital Supply Chain Engineers and create supply chains of the future.

Our clients

Supply Chains as profit drivers,

not cost centres.